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About Us


Humble Beginnings

Those of us that love to cook, are likely to create meals from scratch. At Bullaburra Chilli and Spice, we have hopefully made creating just a little easier for you. Why? I love cooking, and I want to share my experiences and skills. Through our website and market stall, you can find my spice mixes and recipes, BBQ sauces and rubs, blends, herbs and sauces enabling you to cook that perfect meal. We offer you the best fresh spices and sauces around. See, smell, feel and taste our awesome flavours. Just eat!

Our Products



Our spices are the freshest around. We buy and store in smaller quantity, select only what we need at the time, and package the products fresh. The same is done at our markets; scoop, weigh and pay for your product in any quantity. We supply to cafes and restaurants and specialise in unique whole and ground chillies from Mexico, Asia and America, and rubs, blends and curry powders from around the world.


BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Our homemade BBQ rubs and sauces are made from authentic regional recipes. Freshly blended, our rubs are ready for a good sprinkle on your favourite meats. Complemented by the matching sauces brushed onto meats at the end of cooking, sticky ribs or pulled meats are 100% authentic; a real comfort food for the winter months. Don’t pass up the chance to cook your favourite meat low and slow with these rubs and sauces at least once.


Tomato Ketchup

Our tomato ketchups are slow cooked for many hours, and blended from fresh ripe red tomatoes, that have been either smoked over wood or blended with our chilli blends and combined for the most awesome spice flavours. Ketchup is the foundation of our Smokey K.C. BBQ sauce, and complement ribs, beef briskets and pork shoulders. Don't leave the chicken and lamb behind they are all welcome at the party!